Beijing  Fairs 2018
1/14/2014 to 1/17/2014The 40th China Fur & Leather Products Fair 2014, Beijing, ChinaExhibition Profile: Apparel, shoes, jewelry; accessories of fur and leather; souvenirs; household goods. 
2/10/2014 to 2/12/2014China Fish 2014 - The 24th China International Fishing Tackle Trade ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Fishing & Fishing Gear 
2/20/2014 to 2/23/201418th China International Expo for Auto Electronics, Accessories, Tuning & Car Care ProductsExhibition Profile: Automotive electronics, car care products, auto interior accessories, car modification, security alarm etc. 
2/25/2014 to 2/28/2014International Exhibition on Furniture, Home Fashion & Decorations 2014Exhibition Profile: Furniture; home accessories; home textiles and other related products. 
2/26/2014 to 3/2/2014AMR 2014 - Auto Maintenance + RepairExhibition Profile: equipment maintenance and repair of motor vehicles; auto electronics, auto shops, car washes. 
2/26/2014 to 2/28/2014CIDBE 2014 - 2014 China International Diet & Beauty ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Slimming products; corrective underwear and tights; diet food, professional beauty products for skin care, cosmetics. 
3/4/2014 to 3/6/2014LED Expo (CILED) 2014 10th Asian (Beijing) International LED ExpoExhibition Profile: LED wafer, LED materials; dot matrix; modules, digital equipment, control systems. 
3/4/2014 to 3/7/2014The 17th Beijing International Wallpaper & Decorative Textile Exposition 2014Exhibition Profile: Wallpaper, decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics, accessories, home textiles, bedding. 
3/4/2014 to 3/7/2014The 17th China Beijing International Home textiles & Interior Decoration ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Modern construction equipment, construction technologies and materials, finishing materials, tools and accessories. 
3/8/2014 to 3/10/2014FirstWine China 2014 - The 7th China (Beijing) International Wine ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Food & Beverage. 
3/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 11th China International Bakery Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Bakery products, decorative materials and products, raw materials and ingredients for baking, fast food. 
3/11/2014 to 3/14/2014The 13th China International Door Industry ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Doors, wooden houses, wooden products for decoration, accessories. 
3/14/2014 to 3/16/2014China Golf Show 2014 & PGA Merchandise Show 2014Exhibition Profile: Items for golf; clothing; footwear, equipment and maintenance of golf, goods for the golf industry services. 
3/18/2014 to 3/19/2014The 2nd Annual Big Data Asia Showcase 2014Exhibition Profile: Telecommunications e-commerce, the Internet. 
3/19/2014 to 3/21/201414th China Int'l Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology & Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Equipment for exploration, research and exploitation of oil and gas fields, oil and gas drilling and blasting equipment, equipment for cleaning oil and gas. 
3/19/2014 to 3/21/2014The 14th Beijing China International Offshore Oil & Gas ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Pumps and systems, air and gas compressors, valves and actuators, piping and tubing. 
3/19/2014 to 3/21/2014The 14th China International Explosion Protection Electric Technology & Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: explosion-proof products, explosion-proof switch, explosion-proof gas testing tools. 
3/19/2014 to 3/21/2014China International Marine technology & Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Ship building technologies and equipment, repair, ship design. 
3/20/2014 to 3/22/2014The 22nd China Content Broadcasting Network 2014Exhibition Profile: Studio equipment, equipment for playback, test equipment, cables and equipment for the reception. 
3/21/2014 to 3/23/2014The 26th International Medical Instruments & Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Pharmaceuticals, dental equipment, medical simulators, medical equipment and technology. 
3/25/2014 to 3/27/2014InterSolar China Conference 2014Exhibition Profile: Solar cells, modules and power systems, crystalline silicon, silicon wafers, polysilicon production technology, thin film and nanotechnology, photovoltaic equipment, solar energy technologies. 
3/25/2014 to 3/28/2014Conference for Natural Gas, Liquid Fuels and Petrochemicals from Coal, Pet coke and BiomassExhibition Profile: Natural Gas, liquid fuels and petrochemicals from coal, petcock and biomass. 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/2014InterSolar China Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Solar cells, modules and power systems, crystalline silicon, silicon wafers, polysilicon production technology, thin film and nanotechnology, photovoltaic equipment, solar energy technologies. 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/2014CEEC 2014 - Clean Energy Expo China 2014Exhibition Profile: Renewable energy; innovative technologies; PV Modules & Cells; Solar Architecture; Solar Water Heating & Cooling Systems; Smart Grid; Transmission Equipment. 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/2014WaterEx Beijing 2014Exhibition Profile: Water treatment; Water purification systems and equipment; Service water systems; Water quality control; Sewage system. 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/2014WPC 2014 - Wind Power ChinaExhibition Profile: turbine generators, wind turbines, cooling systems, control and monitoring systems, equipment for power. 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/2014GridTec China 2014Exhibition Profile: wind Energy; Grid Integration; eMobility; solar Thermal; Solar Photovoltaic technologies. 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/2014Solar Thermal China 2014Exhibition Profile: Solar energy products, solar thermal power plants and tracking systems, large-scale solar thermal systems, solar water heating. 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/2014The 24th China Attractions ExpoExhibition Profile: Admission & ticketing; Coin-operated Machines; Computer Systems & Software; Internet Games; Participatory Play Equipment; Shows & Production; RFIS & Security Equipment; Simulators; Theatrical Equipment & Supplies; Video Games; Water-re 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/2014Distributed Energy China 2014Exhibition Profile: Energy & green Power Technologies. 
3/26/2014 to 3/28/20146th China (Beijing) International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Energy &Green Power, Solar Photovoltaic. 
3/26/2014 to 3/29/2014The 22nd China International Clothing & Accessories FairExhibition Profile: Leather & Fur, Down Wear; Men's Wear; Women's Wear; Kid's Wear; Casual Wear; Clothing Accessories. 
3/28/2014 to 3/30/20142014 China International New Energy Vehicles and Electric Vehicles ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Energy & Green Power Products; Electric Vehicles. 
3/28/2014 to 3/30/2014Beijing Overseas Property & Investment Immigration Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Overseas properties and investment immigration projects; Overseas Real estate Developers & Agencies; Land, Farm & Other Overseas Investments; International Investment Companies; Immigration consulting Companies; Law Firms & Financial Institutions. 
3/31/2014 to 4/2/2014The 4th China Int'l Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Exposition & SummitExhibition Profile: Energy & Green Power Technologies; Gas turbines; Absorption chillers; Gas engines, Thrusters & Chillers; Electric chillers. 
4/1/2014 to 4/3/2014The 9th Beijing International Swimming Pool Sauna & SPA ExpoExhibition Profile: Equipment, accessories and furniture for swimming pools and spas, the management of health centers; Cosmetics, Fitness & Beauty; Outdoor & Leisure Equipments. 
4/2/2014 to 4/4/20142014 The 6th Beijing Energy Saving and Emission Reduction ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Industrial Energy Saving Technology, Equipment & Products; Industrial Water Saving (Optimizing Water); New Technology for Industry Gas/Coal/Oil/Electricity Saving; Dust Control, Desulfurization & Dust Removal Technology; Industrial Waste Recycling; Environmental Pollution Accidents Emergency monitoring Equipment. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 16th China International Healthcare & Recovery and Gerontic Products Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Health & Medicine; Hospital/Medical Equipments. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014Food Processing & Packaging Equipment ExpoExhibition Profile: industrial food processing equipment for the production of sugar, tobacco, confectionery, juices, dairy products. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014FCE China 2014 - The 3rd China International Food Beverage and Catering Exposition 2014Exhibition Profile: Food & Beverage 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 16th China (Beijing) International Nutrition and Health Industry ExpoExhibition Profile: Healthy foods; Sports nutrition; Dietary & Beneficial nutrients; Vitamins & Minerals; Food, beverages, oils and fats. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014Shibowei Organic Expo 2014 - 16th China (Beijing) International Organic Food & Green Food ExpoExhibition Profile: Food & Beverage; Herbal, Nutrition, Organic & Natural Products. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 6th China International High-end Health Beverage and Functional Beverage ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Food & Beverage 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 16th China International Medical Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Medical & Pharmaceutical; Hospital/Medical Equipments. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 16th China International Home Medical Health Care Recovery Products & Instrument Expo 2014Exhibition Profile: Health & Medicine; Hospital/Medical Equipments. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014Bottled Water Expo 2014 - 2014 High-end Bottled Drinking Water ExpoExhibition Profile: Food & Beverage; Water Treatment. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 10th China International Ice Cream Industry ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Ice Cream industry, latest technologies and solutions. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 3rd China International Import Food ExpositionExhibition Profile: import Food & Beverage; meat products; Dairy and egg products; Vegetable and olive oil; Coffee and tea. 
4/8/2014 to 4/10/2014The 10th International High-end Edible Oil & Olive Oil (Beijing) Expo 2014Exhibition Profile: Food & Beverage; Herbal, Nutrition, Organic & Natural Products; Oil, Olive Oil & Edible Oil. 
4/9/2014 to 4/11/2014China Refrigeration 2014Exhibition Profile: Refrigeration technologies, products and services in the HVAC&R industry. 
4/9/2014 to 4/11/2014InfoComm China 2014Exhibition Profile: Entertainment, Amusement & Attractions Industry Products; Audio and video technology, design technology, your video, display technology and equipment, computer hardware and software. 
4/9/2014 to 4/11/2014China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market 2014Exhibition Profile: Travel & Tourism 
4/10/2014 to 4/13/2014Beijing Overseas Property & Investment Show 2014Exhibition Profile: Real Estate, Properties, Investment Industries. 
4/13/2014 to 4/15/2014The 19th Mother-Infant-Child Products FairExhibition Profile: Maternity. Baby & Children Products. 
4/14/2014 to 4/16/2014China (Beijing) International Intelligent Building and Smart Home Expo 2014Exhibition Profile: Building Construction; Building & Apartment Automation Systems; Management system "smart home"; Intelligent control systems. 
4/14/2014 to 4/16/2014China (Beijing) International SSL & Lighting Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Light & Lightning; Professional lighting and intelligent systems; Application of lighting. 
4/19/2014 to 4/21/2014CIMAE 2014 - The 5th Beijing International Modern Agricultural ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Agriculture & Animal Husbandry. 
4/21/2014 to 4/29/2014Auto China 2014 - 13th Beijing International Automobile ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Transportation; Automotive & Auto Parts; Equipment for automobile production; Cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, parts and accessories. 
4/23/2014 to 4/26/2014Hortiflorexpo IPM 2014 - The 16th Hortiflorexpo IPM BeijingExhibition Profile: Agriculture & Animal Husbandry; Gardening & Landscaping. 
4/25/2014 to 4/28/2014China P&E 2014 - The 17th China International Photograph & Electrical Imaging Machinery and Technology FairExhibition Profile: Media & Advertising; Photographic Equipments. 
4/28/2014 to 4/30/2014STONETECH 2014 Beijing - 21st China Int'l Stone Processing Machinery, Equipment & Products ExpoExhibition Profile: Stone & Stone Machinery. 
4/28/2014 to 4/30/2014BMEXPO China 2014 - The 8th China International Building Material Technology & Equipment Expo 2014Exhibition Profile: Building Construction; Building Decorations & Building Materials. 
4/28/2014 to 4/30/2014ConcreteTech China 2014 - The 5th China International Concrete Industry ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Building Construction; Building Decorations & Building Materials. 
4/28/2014 to 4/30/2014CementTech 2014 - The 15th. China International Cement Industry ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Grinders and related equipment, equipment for roasting and cooling; transportation equipment, equipment for feeding and measuring ore, etc. 
4/30/2014 to 5/2/2014HEC 2014 - The 14th Hobby Expo China 2014 (Beijing)Exhibition Profile: Model industry products. 
5/7/2014 to 5/9/2014Tunnel Expo China 2014 - The 7th China International Underground Engineering & Tunnel Technology ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Tunnel Industry equipments. 
5/7/2014 to 5/9/2014NGV China 2014 - The 15th China International NGV and Gas Station Equipment ExpoExhibition Profile: Energy/ Green Power; Bicycle & Motor & Vehicle; Oil & Gas. 
5/7/2014 to 5/9/2014RobotTec 2014 - 2014 China International Robot Technology and Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Technologies. 
5/7/2014 to 5/9/2014EV CHINA 2014 - The 6th China Int'l Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Bicycle & Motor & Vehicle; Renewable Energy; Green Energy. 
5/7/2014 to 5/9/2014CRTS China 2014 - The 10th China International Rail Transit Technology Forum and ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Transportation; Railway, Shipping & Aviation; Tunnel. 
5/7/2014 to 5/9/2014IA Beijing 2014 - Industrial Automation Beijing 2014Exhibition Profile: Automotive & Auto Parts; Industrial Automation. 
5/8/2014 to 5/10/2014China International Defense Electronics ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Security & Protection; Electronics & Electricals; Communication; Technologies. 
5/8/2014 to 5/10/2014The 21st China Sign Expo 2014Exhibition Profile: Printing & Publishing; Media & Advertising. 
5/9/2014 to 5/11/2014China Franchise Expo 2014 - The 17th China Franchise ExpoExhibition Profile: Business Services Industry. 
5/11/2014 to 5/13/20142014 China (Beijing) International Fishery ExpoExhibition Profile: Fishing & Fishing Gear; Fisheries. 
5/12/2014 to 5/14/2014BJITE 2014 - The 16th Beijing International Toys & Preschool Tools ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Education & Training goods; Art supplies; Books for kindergarten; Children's publishing, clay, animated audiovisual products; Training materials for the development of children toys. 
5/13/2014 to 5/15/2014ISH China & CIHE 2014 - China International Trade Fair for Sanitation, Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning 2014Exhibition Profile: Building Construction; Building Decorations & Building Materials. 
5/13/2014 to 5/15/2014CIPE 2014 - The 6th China (Beijing) International Photo Electronic ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Laser technology; Optical production; Infrared technology; Optical sensing; Optical networking technologies. 
5/13/2014 to 5/15/2014China Transpo 2014 - The 12th International Exhibition on Transport Technology & EquipmentExhibition Profile: Transportation; Logistics & Transportation. 
5/13/2014 to 5/15/2014Intertraffic China 2014Exhibition Profile: Transportation; Logistics & Transportation; Engineering; Planning and traffic control; Parking lot; Security; Parking management system. 
5/14/2014 to 5/16/2014Bus & Truck 2014 - China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components 2014Exhibition Profile: Transportation; Bicycle & Motor & Vehicle. 
5/16/2014 to 5/18/2014LPS Beijing 2014 - The 7th Luxury Properties Showcase Beijing 2014Exhibition Profile: Real Estate, Properties, Investment; Fashion & Luxuries; Prestigious apartments and penthouses; Beach villas; private islands. 
5/19/2014 to 5/22/2014MMI 2014 – Metal + Metallurgy China 2014Exhibition Profile: Machinery, Mineral & Metallurgy; Industrial Goods; Metal Form; Equipment for metalworking; Melting and casting equipment; Molding machines & materials. 
5/19/2014 to 5/20/2014Oil China 2014 - The 10th China International Olive Oil & Edible Oil ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Food & Beverage; Herbal, Nutrition, Organic & Natural Products; Oil, Olive Oil & Edible Oil. 
5/20/2014 to 5/23/2014CIEPE 2014 - The 7th China International Exhibition on Police Equipment 2014Exhibition Profile: Security & Protection Products. 
5/21/2014 to 5/23/2014CILE 2014 - The 7th China International Logistics Expo 2014Exhibition Profile: Logistics & Transportation Services; Freight forwarding services; Logistic parks, warehouse equipment. 
5/21/2014 to 5/23/2014CNTE 2014 - The 3rd China National Defense Information Technology and Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Security & Protection; ICT-(Information and Communications, Technology). 
5/21/2014 to 5/23/2014CISILE 2014 - The 12th China International Scientific Instrument & Lab Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Scientific Instruments. 
5/26/2014 to 5/29/2014Palm Expo 2014 - China International Exhibition on Pro Audio, Light, Music & Technology 2014Exhibition Profile: Musical Instruments; Light & Lighting; Entertainment; Equipment for TV; Cable; Music equipment. 
5/28/2014 to 5/30/2014China International Meteorological Service and Trade Fair 2014Exhibition Profile: Environment Industry; Meteorology serves economy; Science determines. 
6/8/2014 to 6/11/2014EnerChina 2014 - 8th (Beijing) International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection ExhibitionExhibition Profile: The energy-saving, renewable energy, clean energy and environmental technologies, products and services. 
6/9/2014 to 6/12/2014SINO-DENTAL 2014 - China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference 2014Exhibition Profile: Dental; Workshops on Dental Implant/Endodontic /Orthodontics/Restorative Dentistry. 
6/10/2014 to 6/13/2014BEW 2014 - The 19th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair 2014Exhibition Profile: Industrial Equipment & Components; Welding & Cutting. 
6/12/2014 to 6/14/2014CICEME 2014 - The 10th China International Coal Equipment & Mine Technical Equipment ExhibitionExhibition profile: Plant & Machinery; Coal & Mining. 
6/12/2014 to 6/14/2014CIPTC 2014 - The 10th China (Beijing) International Power Transmission & Control Technology Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Energy / Green Power Industry. 
6/17/2014 to 6/19/2014CIMIE 2014 - The 12th China International Meat Industry ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Food & Beverage; Meat, Poultry & Seafood. 
6/17/2014 to 6/20/2014AAE 2014 - Asian Attractions Expo 2014Exhibition Profile: Entertainment; Amusement & Attractions. 
6/18/2014 to 6/22/2014CIMES 2014 - The 12th China International Machine Tool & Tools ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Tools & Tooling Equipments; Plant & Machinery; Manufacturing & Repair; machinery and equipment; Pneumatic and electric tools. 
7/4/2014 to 7/6/2014CIPFE 2014 - Beijing International Import Food Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Food & Beverage. 
7/4/2014 to 7/6/2014Luxury China 2014Exhibition Profile: Fashion & Luxuries Industries. 
7/24/2014 to 7/26/2014The 11th China (Beijing) International Bearing and Bearing Equipment Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Industrial Equipment & Components 
7/24/2014 to 7/26/2014FSE 2014 - The 10th China (Beijing) International Filtration and Separation Technology Equipment Industry ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Filtration Industry; Filtration & Separation. 
7/24/2014 to 7/26/2014The 10th China (Beijing) International Water Treatment, Pump, Valve and Pipe Equipment Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Water Treatment; Pump Valve. 
7/24/2014 to 7/26/2014China (Beijing) International Computer Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Consumer Electronics; Computer & IT; Digital; ICT-(Information and Communications, Technology); Software & Computing. 
7/24/2014 to 7/26/2014Elevator China 2014 - China (Beijing) International Elevator Technique and Equipment Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Industrial Equipment & Components. 
7/24/2014 to 7/26/2014Mould Expo 2014 - 2014 The 12th China ((Beijing) International Die & Mold Manufacturing and Technology ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Mold & Die Industries; Die making auxiliary device; Manufacturing molding equipment; Mould Accessories. 
7/24/2014 to 7/26/2014Compressor Expo 2014 - 2014 The 10th Beijing International Air Compressor and Compressor ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Industrial Equipment & Components; Air Treatment; Compressors; Air compressor parts; Air separation equipment. 
7/25/2014 to 7/28/2014Beijing International Jewelry Fair 2014 - The 15th Beijing International Jewelry FairExhibition Profile: Jewelry & Accessories; Gems & Jewelry; Fashion & Luxuries. 
8/14/2014 to 8/17/2014Gifts & Home Beijing 2014 - The 30th China Beijing International Gifts, Premium & Houseware ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Gifts & Handicrafts; Souvenirs; Crystal Products; Premium Gifts. 
8/27/2014 to 8/30/2014BIRTV 2014 - Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Media & Advertising. 
9/3/2014 to 9/5/2014CIOF 2014 - The 27th China International Optics FairExhibition Profile: Glasses & Optics. 
9/16/2014 to 9/18/2014China (Beijing) Medical Beauty and Plastic Surgery Equipment Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Cosmetics, Fitness & Beauty; Hospital / Medical Equipments. 
9/23/2014 to 9/25/2014The China International Occupational Safety & Health ExhibitionExhibition profile: Professional protective equipment, the protection in the chemical industry, protection from explosive dust protection from electricity. 
9/24/2014 to 9/26/2014IG, China 2014 - 16th China International Exhibition on Gases Technology, Equipment and ApplicationExhibition Profile: Industrial Equipment & Components; Oil & Gas 
10/9/2014 to 10/11/2014CINE 2014 - China International Nuclear Power Equipment Exhibition 2014Exhibition Profile: Energy/ Green Power; Nuclear Power. 
10/22/2014 to 10/24/2014Electrical China 2014 - The 8th International Exhibition on Electrical EquipmentExhibition Profile: Industrial Equipment & Components; Energy/ Green Power; Electric power equipment; Generators; Boilers; Batteries. 
10/24/2014 to 10/26/2014TOP SFA 2014 - The 5th Top Shoes & Fashion Accessories Beijing 2014Exhibition Profile: Leather & Shoes; Fashion & Accessories. 
10/28/2014 to 10/31/2014Security China 2014 - The 12th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and SecurityExhibition Profile: Security & Protection; Access control systems; Identification systems; Surveillance; Detection and alarm system; Wireless equipment; Security services. 
10/31/2014 to 11/3/2014CTE 2014 - The 11th China Tea Expo 2014Exhibition Profile: Food & Beverage. 
11/26/2014 to 11/28/2014The 11th Sweets & Snacks China 2014Exhibition Profile: Food & Beverage. 
12/5/2014 to 12/7/2014IEOE Expo 2014 - The 5th IEOE China (Beijing) International Edible Oil Industry Expo - Imported Olive Oil ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Food & Beverage; Oil, Olive Oil & Edible Oil. 
12/5/2014 to 12/7/2014IND 2014 - 5th IND China (Beijing) Int‘l Cereals, Oils, Foodstuffs & Packaging Machinery Expo - Imported Equipment ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Plant & Machinery; Food & Beverage; Oil, Olive Oil & Edible Oil. 
12/5/2014 to 12/7/2014INIE Expo 2014 - The 5th INIE China (Beijing) International Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry ExpoExhibition Profile: Food & Beverage; Herbal, Nutrition, Organic & Natural Products. 
12/5/2014 to 12/7/2014IGPE 2014 - The 5th China (Beijing) International Grain Industry Expo - Modern Grain and Oil Machinery ExhibitionExhibition Profile: Plant & Machinery; Food & Beverage; Agriculture & Animal Husbandry.